Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is a body consisting of internationally recognized researchers with Hungarian (and dual) citizenship to assist the work of the Governing Board. Its 33 members are invited by the President of ELKH at the recommendation of the Governing Board. The Scientific Council is responsible for the following tasks set out in Section 42/E(1) of Act LXXVI of 2014 on scientific research, development and innovation (RDI Act):

  • providing an opinion on proposals of strategic importance prepared for the Governing Board,
  • writing strategic proposals and carrying out annual evaluations,
  • making decisions based on the powers conferred to it by the Governing Board, and
  • performs other tasks listed in the organizational and operational rules.
    • Three specialty colleges dealing with life sciences, physical sciences, and humanities and social sciences respectively operate within the Scientific Council.
    • The detailed rules for the operation of the Scientific Council are laid down in its rules of procedure, which are approved by the Governing Board.
Members of the ELKH Scientific Council
Members of the Scientific Council
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