Public Services in the Eötvös Loránd Research Network

ELKH research sites, in addition to their basic research activities, also carry out several related activities that are considered public services. These public services are crucial within ELKH, and their support is annually determined by the Governing Board under a separate budget item.

ELKH's main areas of public services with examples:

  1. Public service monitoring activities
    These include investigations related to radiation protection, seismology, or weather, as well as various forecasts:

    General monitoring of Lake Balaton (Balaton Limnological Research Institute)
    Seismology (Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science)
  2.  Maintenance of collections and museums
    These activities include the maintenance and presentation of collections related to various fields, as well as activities related to the maintenance of museums operated by research institutions.

    Agroverzum (Agricultural Science Research Centre)
    National Botanic Garden (Centre for Ecological Research)
    Music History Museum (Institute for Musicology, Research Centre for the Humanities)

  3. Public advisory services
    As part of these activities, research sites provide up-to-date and practical information and expert advice related to their respective fields to particular groups or society as a whole.

    Online first name finder (Institute for Language Technologies and Applied Linguistics)
    The Language Advisory Service (Institute for Language Technologies and Applied Linguistics)

  4. Professional dictionaries, text corpora
    Related to this, the editing, publishing, and maintenance of various monolingual and multilingual printed and online dictionaries, as well as literary and scientific texts and primary sources, are carried out.

    The Grand Dictionary of the Hungarian Language (published by the Lexicology Institute of the Research Institute for Linguistics)
    SZTAKI Dictionary (Institute for Computer Science and Control)