International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board of ELKH (hereinafter referred to as the International Advisory Board) is a body of internationally recognized foreign researchers assisting the work of the Governing Board and the Scientific Council. Its ten members are invited by ELKH's President on the recommendation of the Governing Board and the research sites, each of which select five members.

  • Pursuant to the duties specified in Section 42/F(1) of the RDI Act, the International Advisory Board assists the work of the Governing Board and the Scientific Council, and participates in regular scientific and organizational performance measurement carried out by ELKH.
  • The detailed rules for the operation of the International Advisory Board are laid down in its rules of procedure, which is approved by the Governing Board.
  • As part of its duties and responsibilities, the International Advisory Board:
    • gives an opinion on proposals submitted to it by the Governing Board, the President and the Secretary-General of ELKH,
    • evaluates the technical reports, activities, performance and management systems of research centers, research institutes and supported research groups,
    • contributes to the preparation of decisions necessary to support the operations of the research network and increase its efficiency,
    • provides recommendations on strategic issues affecting ELKH research sites and how to promote the integration of Hungarian researchers into international projects,
    • promotes the expansion of the ELKH Secretariat's international relations with European and overseas research management bodies,
    • performs other tasks listed in the organizational and operational rules.
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