Governing Board

The main decision-making body of the ELKH Secretariat is the 13-member Governing Board, the members of which are appointed by the Prime Minister. The task of the body is to formulate the strategic principles of ELKH, to identify and supervise the topics and objectives of research, and to allocate grants.

The consultative body preparing the Governing Board's decisions is the Presidency. The Presidency consists of the President and the two Vice-Presidents of the Governing Board. The President of the Governing Board is, at the same time, the head of the Presidency.  As part of its duties and responsibilities, the Presidency:

  • supports the preparation of the meetings of the Governing Board, the scheduling of its tasks, the formulation of its proposals and the preparation of its decisions,
  • proposes the meeting agenda and schedules of the Governing Board's meetings,
  • discusses issues arising between meetings of the Governing Board.